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Monday, May 22, 2017 - Week # 945

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Food For The Soul

There's this guy in my college I really like. We have two classes together and began talking. He's gorgeous. At times I wonder if it's merely lust we share.

Anyway, I started a conversation with no intention of dating him. He seemed a jock type, nicely built and good looking, and I assumed he had a girlfriend. Through our conversations I learned he didn't…continue reading

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New Every Wednesday

- Fatal Attraction -

I can relate to a letter I saw in your column. I am not 33 and successful like the letter writer, but a sassy Goth-type girl, 16, who makes really good grades. My problem is…continue reading

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Cheating In A Nutshell

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A preview of Wayne & Tamara's new book about infidelity. The tentative title of the book is Cheating In A Nutshellcontinue reading