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Monday May 30, 2016 - Week #894

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His Way

You have never met anyone like my father. He is an entrepreneur who is into construction, real estate and other ventures. He has more companies than I have pairs of underwear. He has a guy working for him who is there just to smooth over employees and to rehire the guys my father didn't mean to fire…continue reading

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New Every Wednesday

- Second Thoughts -

A young man I worked with asked me out. We had spent quite a bit of time together, and I may even have flirted. But deep down I didn't believe this could develop into a long-term relationship…continue reading

How To Send Letters

Writing out your problem and feelings can be healing. Doing this can clarify your situation and sharing it with someone else can make you feel better. Sometimes just getting it off your chest provides relief.

Wayne & Tamara

Send Letters to: WriteDirectAnswers@gmail.com

Cheating In A Nutshell

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A preview of Wayne & Tamara's new book about infidelity. The tentative title of the book is Cheating In A Nutshellcontinue reading