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A book review of:

   Monday Morning Choices
           by David Cottrell
  Book Review Highlights:
  • Change your choices to change your life.
  • Offers principles upon which to build your life.
  • If you want a different future, do something today.

Monday Morning Choices by David Cottrell

12 Powerful Ways to Go from Everyday to Extraordinary

    David Cottrell, a leadership consultant, based Monday Morning Choices on one simple idea: change the choices you make each Monday and you can change your life. Though the book aims primarily at a business audience, its lessons are even more valuable outside the workplace.

    Each Monday for 12 weeks, the author offers a choice to think about.  The first choice is whether to be the driver or a passenger on the bus of life.  Eleven weeks later, the book concludes with one final choice, the legacy choice: ultimately we are defined and remembered by what we give to others. What will your legacy be?

    In between, the book is full of examples and quotes which illuminate each choice.  A choice which may, on first hearing, surprise some readers is choose the right enemies.  What Cottrell means is, by your values, some people will be your friends and others your enemies.  Understand and accept that.  It is how life works.

    Other lessons in the book are: don't be surprised by what can happen in life if you have the courage to persevere; if you want a different future, do something today; and focus on what you desire, not on what you fear.

    Monday Morning Choices is about how to live a good life.   For those who feel their life has lost focus, for those who feel they are not living up to their potential, for those who grew up in a troubled home, this book can be invaluable.

    If you never had a father or had a father who himself was a lost soul, if you never had a mother or had a mother who lacked direction, this book can give you the approach to life they never showed you.  Though it is not written from a psychological perspective, it is based on a deep understanding of human psychology.

    Highly recommended for those looking for principles upon which to base their life.

From Monday Morning Choices:

--"On any of life's journeys, we have to make a choice before we begin to make the trip.  Our options are these: we can be a passenger, or we can be the driver.  It's our choice...The distance between the driver and the passenger in a car is less than three feet, but the difference is huge.  The driver has the choice to head toward success.  The passenger just goes where he is driven."

--"When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced.  Live your life in such a manner that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice." (Old Indian Saying)

--"This book was written to prepare you for your special moment of success."

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